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Marketing your sale in today’s technology-driven industry can be a lot to cover. Fortunately, we have the team, the platform and the experience to make sure your sale is seen by the right people, at the right time.

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For more than 8 years has been recognized for providing the service, support, and the easy-to-use format that makes online bidding as enjoyable as being at the sale!

Powered by our growing team of 12 livestock professionals, is a full service marketing firm that combines expertise in livestock marketing and sale management"Specializing in Goats, Sheep, and Swine, our company integrates professionals of livestock evaluation, technical support, and exceptional service into a team committed to the success of each client." provides a global common ground for producers and anyone who markets to the livestock industry. The platform developed at is designed specifically around the needs of producers, sales managers, sale barns and livestock enthusiasts.  Our strategic approach features tailored services to broaden the exposure of sales and allow bidding opportunities to qualified buyers around the world.

We recognize the online marketplace as a prosperous tool to the buyer and seller. takes great pride in ensuring all business is conducted honestly and transparent to promote long term relationships between all parties.

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